Dynamics 365 Sales – Revolutionizing the future for sales

Dynamics 365 Sales – Revolutionizing the future for sales

As Hybrid working is the new normal, the demands to access real time information anytime and from anywhere is also now the new normal. This change is here to stay and means that companies who want to remain competitive need to re-evaluate their strategy around people, processes and technology. They need to become Modern & Agile for the decade ahead.

Companies who have embraced this change have seen great growth in sales, but are also experiencing operational challenges to meet this increased demand. They have had to break down even more the physical silos that exist between their teams, their technologies, their clients, suppliers and stakeholders.

The use of modern and agile technologies has helped to overcome these challenges to allow the same data and real time information to be used across different departments, companies and externally with clients and suppliers. It has allowed organisations to create efficient and productive customer engagements and removed the barriers that exist between business apps, productivity tools and collaboration.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 supports this change and provides the business tools needed for modern and agile. It provides not only the prerequisites of real time information that can be accessed by our internal and external teams anytime and anywhere but intelligence and ease of use for all our teams.

What does this mean when we construct and refine Dynamics 365 Sales app?

Microsoft’s strategy is to create business apps which are data-driven, intelligent, and collaborative. Wave 2 upgrades for Dynamics 365 Sales 2021 consist of three main categories :

1.Conversational intelligence will help you close more deals. Assuring that we provide people with relevant, productive experiences that thrill them.

2.Better collaboration throughout the team with experiences that surface context and enable easy action and history recording wherever people work by collaborating anywhere and anytime.

3.Improve individual productivity that impacts overall productivity of the team to increase efficiencies and effectiveness throughout the organisation. Prioritization, planning, and tracking are all taken care of for you, whether you’re at work or on the road.

Close more deals in shorter time period with conversational intelligence:

Sales can focus on efficiently responding to purchase signals to maximise that client moment, thanks to advancements in conversational intelligence. No more post-call selling remorse due to a missed trigger. For example, sales can rapidly examine a summary of the last conversation, action items, and scan highlights as they prepare for calls. Sellers may simply make calls while having access to business data and taking notes as the call is being transcribed using Microsoft Teams within Dynamics 365. Any business-critical information shared during the discussion is recorded, underlined, and action items are suggested. With all of these techniques, this strategy is far more beneficial than having this conversation solely through Teams, and even more effective than doing it in person. There will be less missed follow-ups or unfulfilled promises to customers that help build a better customer relationship.

Higher personal productivity :

The more data-driven a sales person is, the more possibilities they will have to work on the most important deals to complete. And who wouldn’t want to spend less time entering data and more time being more productive in client interactions? Work items are prioritised based on AI in Dynamics 365 Sales, so sales know what measures to take and when. Contact information from Outlook emails and meetings is automatically imported into Dynamics 365 Sales, allowing sales to quickly find new leads and build their networks. You can keep track of everything with the built-in Outlook and Teams connection in the intuitive mobile-friendly user interface, which allows you to check up on action items and change records while away from your computer, so you don’t miss a beat when you’re on the road. All of this is incorporated into sales KPIs and management dashboards, allowing sales teams to make more data-driven decisions and achieve better results.

We’ve been on an amazing journey with our clients, assisting them in transitioning their business apps from record-keeping systems to intelligent applications which use data and collaboration to drive action. We are really looking forward to continuing on this path as we melt the borders between business apps, collaboration tools, and productivity apps so that we can provide each user with exactly what they need, when they need it, to help them achieve better business outcomes.

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