Marketing Features

Personalised multichannel messaging

Use a multichannel approach

to reach the right audience at the right time to run targeted campaigns. Reach your prospects through their preferred mediums such as emails, social media, SMS, and telemarketing.

Create professional campaigns

using configurable templates and design tools, and streamline content approval using Power Automate

Personalise and influence customer journeys

by using prospect buying behaviour and preferences to present the right message at the right time.

Retain profitable accounts

through personalised and targeted account-based messaging

Use ‘send now’ feature

to quickly write and send marketing branded emails.

Nurture more effectively with marketing automation

Track and prioritise leads

using intelligent lead scoring models and workflows to prequalify engagement

Provide sales-ready leads

to sales teams with prebuilt workflows to increase productivity.

Improve conversion rates

and increase selling time for sales teams with templated and timely follow ups

Improve performance with AI-driven lead scoring

Display prebuilt dashboards

and marketing analysers to drive marketing performance.

Capitalise on target segments

by leveraging Customer Insights integration from all data sources

Optimise the right content

to send by using built-in A/B testing to improve open and click rates.

Effective Unified data management

Use and refresh all your data from a single point

to ensure global privacy and GDPR compliance.

Tracking audience consent

ensures marketing messages are effective and targeted at the correct audience.

A single view of prospects, clients and partners

drives internal productivity enhance customer satisfaction.

Customer Insights

A powerful customer data platform

used to unlock customer data across the platform to provide deeper insights and drive personalised customer engagements in real time

Personalised campaigns

developed by powerful marketing tools.

Cross-sell and upsell where possible

with intelligent product recommendations.

Provide proactive post sale service

and increase loyalty with customer service tools.

Customer Voice

Personalised survey and response tools

to capture real time customer feedback.

Connect feedback with customer information

in other Microsoft business apps to provide better insights into your customer base.

Anticipate needs

and gather feedback.

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