Sales Features

Boost Sales Productivity

Streamline workflow

with connected and familiar applications such as Outlook, Excel, Word, and SharePoint with Dynamics 365 Sales

Team tools for collaboration

across functional and geographical area using Microsoft Teams, a modern hub for chat, meetings, documents, and business applications.

360 degree view

of your prospects, customers, partners and suppliers in one place to reduce time in finding important information.

KPIs and Dashboards

to help drive personal and team performance through opportunity insights and analytics

Focused & Engaged Sales Teams

Marketing and Sales working as a team

with better visibility of all marketing campaigns and workflows that automate an efficient hand over of prequalified leads to sales.

Engaging sales playbooks

that contain proven sales techniques and reference materials to help with faster learning.

Streamline planning and increase forecast accuracy

using intelligent projections augmented with predictive forecasting.

Improve Sales Conversions

Clear & Dynamics Sales Pipelines

to allow everyone to work on the right deals to closure at the right time

Easily identify deals at risk

what is needs to convert and set actionable feedback through built-in coaching tools

Trigger automated actions

such as timely messages to help drive sales closures based on unified marketing, sales and service data.

Reduce Admin time

Free up more time for selling

with prebuilt workflows that allow

Reduce repetitive data entry

by entering information only once and using data across an integrated system when and where needed

Create professional templated proposals

to save time and send to prospects for faster decisions

Minimise routine tasks

with an intuitive and interactive user interface

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