Stop! Making Decisions On A Roll Of The Dice

Roll Of The Dice

Are your decisions based on fact or fiction?

We are told Sales people are “commercially inactive” when creating reports and forecasts, turning them from deal makers into administrators. This role change can impact massively upon sales activity; deals may be lost as the pipeline cools.

Our solution gathers business wide data, creating reports focused on identifying trends, KPIs and other hard facts, providing business intelligence as a by-product of people just doing their jobs, using your CRM system.

Forecasting / Reporting

Dynamic standardised reporting within CRM provides a true picture in real-time, promoting fact based decision making and leaving gut instinct behind, allowing sales to win more deals.

CRM Online has been working with Client Relationship Management (CRM) systems for Financial Services organisations for a number of years. Our ultimate aim is to bring together areas of business operations and data within Marketing/Sales/ Regulatory/Client On-boarding/Client Service within the framework of the regulatory environment, to enable your teams to win more business, deliver exceptional customer service and of course remain compliant and audit ready.

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